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Donna's Daycare Center & Preschool provides a nurturing environment and preschool education that prepares your child for success.
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Give your son or daughter a head start on learning with services from our daycare and child care center in Lewiston, Maine. Donna's Daycare Center & Preschool has served the community for more than 30 years. We offer a safe and trusting environment for children ranging from preschool to school age. Let our loving caregivers cultivate your child's social and cognitive skills.
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NAPPI Certified Staff

Donna's Daycare Center & Preschool Staff is Certified in Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention (NAPPI Certified)
My name is Rose Heikkinen. I am a 53 year old mental health clinician who will be working at Donna's Daycare two days a week.

After my kids grew older and my art career no longer brought me a sense of purpose, I explored other career options. Months of research, conversing with people that knew me, and taking a Myers and Briggs career test, counseling was brought up time and time again. I agreed it was a perfect fit. After completing three and a half years of schooling and working for two years as a counselor, I learned to value my new career path. I am offering counseling services to children who are experiencing difficulties with a variety of issues ranging from emotional and behavioral problems due to anger, ADHD, ODD, attachment and reactions disorders and trauma. I use a flexible integrated person centered approach, which incorporates several therapeutic styles: including play therapy, art and outdoor therapy. This allows the sessions to individually tailored to suit the child's needs.

As a compassionate listener, I offer sensitivity and understanding to the difficulties a child may be experiencing. In order to talk about my current practice, I have to go back 35 years; Prior to MS degree in clinical mental health, i received my MFA and worked as an artist and art teacher. Six years ago I decided I wanted to begin a new career that fit my need to help people lead a more productive and healthy life. Much of my work has been counseling children and supporting families to create healthier parenting skills to better manage emotional and behavioral problems their child may be experiencing. Over the years as an art teach, I worked with children in the public school system: my MF degree in fine arts influences my current career. In session when appropriate, I incorporate art therapy.

Areas of special interest: working with children who have emotional and behavioral issues. I use play therapy, outdoor therapy and expressive art therapy to engage the child in a different way to thinking and behaving, while at the same time encouraging the use of healthy coping skills. Teaching healthy copying skills at a young age creates a healthy foundation on which the child can build and develop as they age. I would love the opportunity to talk with the parents who may be interested in learning more about the work I do. If the time is right to support your child who may be experiencing emotional or behavior difficulties.

Contact Information:
Rose Heikkinen
PH: 207-461-1483