Donna's Daycare Center & Preschool

Age-Appropriate Preschool Education in Lewiston, ME

Improve your child's learning and social skills with preschool education from our center in Lewiston, Maine. At Donna's Daycare Center & Preschool, our primary goal is to challenge all of our children to grow and develop properly. We pride ourselves on introducing our children to new opportunities for learning, and personal and social development.

Preschool Schedule:

  • Monday: Alphabets/Numbers/Circle Time
  • Tuesday: Cooking/Circle Time
  • Wednesday: Art/Circle Time
  • Thursday: Colors/Circle Time
  • Friday: Sequencing/Concepts/Circle Time

Goals for Preschoolers 2 and 3-Year-Olds Social & Emotional:

  • Respect & Show Concern for People & Things around Me
  • Accept & Respond to My Teacher's Authority
  • Play & Share with Other Children
  • Work on Being Independent.
  • Happy & Cheerful at School
  • Learning to Control My Feelings

Work Habits:

  • Get involved in and attend to activities
  • Can follow directions
  • Respond well to teacher's suggestions
  • Able make choices

Listening Skills:

  • Listen quietly to stories
  • Attention span is lengthening

Speaking Skills:

  • Speak clearly
  • Combine words to name things
  • Communicate in Sentences
  • Ask questions

Self-Reliance Skills:

  • Go to the bathroom by myself
  • Learning to dress myself
  • Learning to brush my teeth

Music skills:

  • Participate in group singing
  • Learning to repeat rhythmic patterns

Art skills:

  • Participate in art activities
  • Use art materials properly
  • Clean up my messes after my art projects

4 and 5-Year-Olds Self-Reliance Skills:

  • Go to the Bathroom Alone
  • Learning to Dress Myself
  • Brush My Teeth

Practical Skills:

  • Say First & Last Name
  • Know My Age
  • Know Some Colors
  • Recognize & Point to Body Parts

Social/Emotional Skills:

  • Accept & Respond to My Teacher's Authority
  • Show Respect
  • Play & Share with Other Children
  • Good Self-Image
  • Control over My Feelings.
  • Identify Human Feelings (Sad, Happy)

Work Habits:

  • Follow Routines Independently
  • Follow Directions
  • Work Well in Small Groups
  • Learn Not to Disturb Classmates While They Work

Listening Skills:

  • Listen quietly

Art skills:

  • Participate in art activities
  • Use art materials properly
  • Clean up my messes after my art projects

Speaking Skills:

  • Speak clearly
  • Communicate in sentences
  • Expanding vocabulary

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Holding, using crayons
  • Holding, using pencils
  • Holding, using scissors
  • Pasting/gluing
  • Play dough/clay
  • Simple puzzle assembly
  • Stringing beads
  • Manipulating small pieces
  • Manipulating zippers
  • Manipulating buttons
  • Manipulating snaps
  • Tying shoes

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Walk up/ down stairs (alternating feet)
  • Walk, (forward, backward)
  • Run
  • Jump in place (two feet together)
  • Balance (left foot, right foot)
  • Hop (one foot, two feet)
  • Throw a large ball forward
  • Kick a large ball forward
  • Catch a large ball
  • Bounce a large ball
  • Do a forward somersault
  • Gallop
  • Skip
  • Take a part in games

Reading Readiness:

  • I can say the alphabet
  • Identify lower case, say letter sounds
  • Upper case alphabet
  • Print my first name
  • Recognize eight colors
  • Identify likenesses/differences
  • Learn some opposite words (hot/cold)
  • Learn Position of words (top/Bottom)

Math Readiness:

  • Recognize some numbers
  • Name some numbers
  • Recognize some shapes
  • Identify size differences (Big, Little)
  • Sequence different sizes (small, smaller, and smallest)
  • Categorize objects (shape, color, size, texture)

Music, Art:

  • Participate in music activities
  • Participate in art activities
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